Detention Officer Membership

Effective May 4, 2018, full-time City of Tempe Detention Officers (D.O.) are eligible to join the Tempe Officer’s Association as an Associate Member. Benefits provided to D.O. Associate Members include criminal defense coverage provided by the Legal Defense Fund (LDF). This is the same coverage provided to our sworn Tempe officers and sergeants. Additionally, coverage pertaining to denied workman’s comp claims is provided by LDF; in addition to other benefits as determined by the Executive Board.  As such, D.O. Associate Membership is available at a discounted rate. Associate members are not entitled to a voice or vote on any matter brought before the Association nor will they be eligible to hold any office. Please contact any Board Member with further questions. To sign up for a D.O. Associate Membership please continue with the Paypal option below. Associate Dues are paid yearly. All memberships payments are final. The current dues structure for D.O. Associate Members is equal to $6.25 a month plus a $2.58 yearly transaction fee. Please note there are no refunds once membership is approved.

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